Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is this services legal? Is it safe?
This kind of services is not illegal in any shape or form. We recommend to read your platform's TOS (Terms of Service) and see for yourself that there are no objection in services like this in general and there is no objection to it in particular.
Will I get banned using this services?
Again, No. Your account will only be banned if you are posting illegal content or content against your platform’s TOS. Your account won’t be banned simply because of boosting your account. Why? If they did, everyone would use this for views, likes and subscribers/followers on their competition to deliberately get them banned!
Wait, this views are fake right?
No. We do genuine and manual work to boost your content. Every platform now estimates every view not only by technical details that were important before (like IP) but also retention (average watch time), (“engagement”) and so on. Although, there are some that still scams customers for fast profit. But not us, we value trust, and we don’t want to break your trust with us providing you with quality services.
Why should I take your services?

There are many reasons for you to take our services. One of the most important ones is social proof. Your content’s success will largely depend on the amount of social proof or engagement it has gained.
If your account has a lot of views and subscribers/followers, other viewers will be more curious and encouraged to check it out.
If your video has a low number of views and subscribers/followers, people will be less interested to engage with it.

Other reasons you should definitely consider:
• Gain a lot of views quickly.
• Get a higher chance for your video to go viral.
• Attract more organic views.
• Boost the social credibility of your account.
• Attract subscribers/followers organically
• Increase your popularity.
• Have other creators take you seriously.

These services is a popular practice, and rightly so. It’s not enough to create high-quality content. You need social proof to make it on the network and this gives it a push in the right direction.

My order takes days to complete?
Yes, because we provide quality service. We do this genuinely and manually. Promoting your content for people to view, like, and subscribe/follow the content you entrusted us with.
How can I claim my account status bonus?
You may open a ticket or message us on our official Facebook page if you already reach your account status.
- Bonus balance will be added to your account dashboard.
- Bonus balance and discounts are non-transferable.